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The Doctor and Digital Sketching

It's a new year and hopefully that means we're going to have more opportunities to do more sketches!

Here's a quick portrait of actor Peter Capaldi, current star of the British television series: Doctor Who! This piece was done digitally, as most of my work is. Being able to sketch digitally provides a unique challenge as the versatility of tool is so great that it can actually impede on the versatility of the user's own creativity. When you can take one stylus and have it pour out every color in the spectrum in the styles of any medium you want, you tend to get overwhelmed with the possibilities. So, when I sketch digitally, I like to use a brush that feels akin to my analog pencil and I try to constrain myself to the similar limitations of drawing on paper. Why then do I not simply draw on paper? I could, but it is really more about where I am at the moment and how I feel. That last bit is one of the strongest factors to the work of any artist as art is inexorably tied to emotion.

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