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Power Rangers Watercolor

What started as a sketch yesterday got a little out of hand. It all came about because I was watching a recut version of the Power Rangers film trailer to the theme of original television series and it triggered the nostalgia. I haven't been sold yet on the new film. Too much of it is counter-intuitive to structuring and designing a major production. I talked with some friends about it online and they all had interesting points but the general feeling was that all the promotional content was missing the mark. It's not that the original Power Rangers television series was a work of art, but it got many things right and when you see a group of talented individuals come together to produce a big budget remake, your hope is that they take from the source material the things that were core to it's popularity rather than just a few names and basic concepts. My hope is that despite less than stellar trailers, the movie can make up for it's apparent shortcomings.

All that said, I couldn't help but feed my nostalgia with a Youtube sponsored walk down memory lane. Of course when that happens, it is usually followed by sketching. Then the sketching just kept going into this watercolor piece. Well, not watercolor. It's completely digital but I like the progress I've made in replicating much of the feel of a watercolor piece. Hopefully I can improve upon it in future pieces.

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